About Us

Voter Country’s mission is to advance liberty by engaging citizens to participate in elections, one new voter at a time. We focus on reaching young voters through music and culture that represent what is good in America, that celebrate our great history, and that express patriotism and love of country. We understand that younger citizens can energize the cause of liberty with new solutions firmly rooted in the wisdom of America’s success.

By partnering with affiliates who share our mission, we seek to reach new voters and to make voter registration a 12-month a year activity that is central to building the political power to fulfill our mission.

Voter Country motivates and enables citizens to become activists in the electoral process with a goal of electing honest leaders deeply committed to advancing liberty for the benefit of all American citizens.

We believe that fulfilling our citizens’ duty to perform these civic responsibilities honors those who established and fought for our liberty, and secures the Blessings of Liberty and of American exceptionalism for ourselves and for future generations.


Voter Country Launch Message

Friends and Citizens,

Despite the severity of the problems facing our great nation, the United States has a unique and powerful advantage over all other nations that is reason for optimism.

Our founding fathers literally cracked the code on securing liberty and justice for American citizens through a balanced constitution that limits the powers of government, holds the government accountable under the law, and allows We the People to change the government through elections and amendments.

America’s system of government, along with our unalienable rights and founding principles, including private property and free enterprise, have unleashed human creativity and productivity resulting in unprecedented prosperity that has enhanced the quality of life for all Americans and much of the world.

A fundamental belief of our founders, which remains true today, is that human nature does not change. From the people in the societies studied by our founders in ancient Greece and Rome to modern Americans, people are still driven by the same human needs, desires, and fears, including the same desire for power and use of power for self-interest.

Understanding that men are not angels, the founders created the Constitution with ideas intended to preserve individual liberty, while guarding against the frailties and passions of human nature acting on politicians and the electorate alike. The ideas in the Constitution endure because human nature endures.

And so America’s great advantage is that we have been provided with the roadmap that shows us how to get back on course for liberty and prosperity. The necessary governing infrastructure, civic and religious institutions, traditions, and principles are deeply engrained in our history, and provide the roadmap to guide us today and into the future. With this roadmap in hand, we set off on our lifelong task of electing principled leaders who will confidently and fearlessly lead us back on this course.

Our electoral engagement must continue and be passed to future generations because even good leaders go bad, and all public servants must be held accountable to We the People election after election.