Become an Affiliate

Become a Voter Registration and Citizen’s Pledge Affiliate of Voter Country.

Voter Registration is the lifeblood of politics and an essential activity 12 months a year.

Your organization can sign up for a FREE Voter Registration web tool that can go right on your website.


The perfect companion to your Voter Registration tool is a Citizen’s Pledge tool that helps motivate your members and their networks to engage their fellow citizens to register and to vote in every election.  Use both of these tools to enhance your organization’s existing voter outreach effort, or to help start a new effort.


The Affiliate Leader should follow the simple steps below to sign up as a Voter Country Affiliate today.

STEP 1 - The Affiliate leader should fill out and submit the Required Affiliate Data on this page.  The leader’s email address and the homepage of your website should be used.

STEP 2 – You will receive a confirming e-mail from Voter Country – click on the embedded link to confirm your registration. (Check your spam filter if you don’t get this e-mail in a few moments.)

STEP 3 - When your application is approved (this is done manually and may take a few hours), you will receive a welcome email with instructions regarding how to easily install both the Voter Registration and Citizen’s Pledge tools on your website.  If you are not the webmaster, forward this welcome email to your webmaster to assist with installing these tools on your website.


Complete instructions, including the instructions to install the web tools and template Register to Vote and Citizen’s Pledge buttons in which to place your links can be found by clicking here.


Once the web tools are up in a prominent location on your website, use the Affiliate Leader Suggestions for launching these tools within your organization located at the bottom of this page.  These tools will assist your efforts to lead electoral activism and voter registration efforts in your community and to focus your members on the incredible power of Election Day.


As a Voter Country Affiliate, you will receive data on how your organization is performing with its Voter Registration and Citizen’s Pledge efforts.

The Voter Registration web tool works in all states except for New Hampshire, Wyoming, and North Dakota.


Information pieces for Affiliate Leaders:
Why Your Organization Should Become a Voter Country Affiliate

Affiliate Leader Suggestions for launching both of the Voter Country web tools with your organization. – Shorter Version

Suggested Steps for Affiliates to Build Political Power with Voter Country. – Longer Version

Affiliate Suggestions.  The Voter Country U.S. Citizen’s Pledge and Voter Registration web tools can help your organization enhance your existing voter outreach effort, or can help you start a new effort.  Get started with these Suggested Steps for Affiliates to Build Political Power with Voter Country.


Click here for more detailed instructions on installing the tools onto your web site.

Email Voter Country at if you have questions or problems.