Dear Friends and Citizens,

With the freedom to make our most personal health care decisions and our First Amendment Right to the free exercise of religion being trampled upon by the federal government, the country we pass on to our children will not be land of the free and the home of the brave that we grew up in. And that is without considering the devastating effects of the intentional run-up of unsustainable government debt, the destruction of private sector jobs in favor of government jobs and crony capitalism, the expansion of executive power to areas expressly reserved for Congress or for the States, and the culture of dependency that is being fostered.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, the ideas of self-reliance and individual liberty that shaped America are being smothered and vilified and are on the verge of irrelevance for our political future. As we have seen, the Supreme Court cannot be relied upon to defend our Constitution or protect our rights that government was created to secure.

And so it comes down to We the People to secure the Blessings of Liberty and of American exceptionalism and to pass these cherished gifts to the next generation. Liberty will die on our watch if we do not defeat the forces of tyranny through a smashing victory on Election Day. Don’t look to someone else to get this job done.

We have been called to action and Election Day is the power our founders entrusted us with. And so we bring to you the launch of Voter Country to assist your efforts in becoming grass-roots electoral activists.

Voter Country was created to help the Liberty Movement (including liberty loving citizens like each of us) focus on converting existing conservative-leaning voters and finding new liberty-minded voters each day leading up to Election Day.  Our best chance for success in this all-important election is by making electoral activism a habit engrained in every single liberty loving citizen.

The forces of tyranny are no match for an engaged electorate motivated to preserve freedom at any cost.  To help us succeed in reaching and registering voters, we are introducing two important new web tools on the Voter Country website.

First, we have a Citizen’s Pledge that will help each of us focus on becoming an electoral activist with finding new liberty-minded voters for this election as a top priority. Please use the Voter Country link above, click on the Citizen’s Pledge tab and sign your Citizen’s Pledge right away. Print out your personalized Pledge Certificate as a daily reminder of your pledge to find voters and to help them register and actually vote on Election Day. Please check out the other links on the Citizen’s Pledge tab such as the Suggestions for Fulfilling your Pledge and also print out the Pledge Recruit List to be fully prepared for Election Day.

Second, we have a Voter Registration web tool that you can use to help register voters, or re-register voters who have moved or changed names. Use this tool to help potential voters that you contact get registered at the proper address. Please note that the Voter Registration tool will provide a PDF of the registrant’s Voter Registration application, but after printing it out, please remind each person to follow the instructions and fill in their ID number by hand, sign the application, then stamp and mail the application.

Finding younger and older voters is key.  Start with your extended family and their friends such as college aged children and parents in assisted living facilities. Generally, children under 18 can register if they will be 18 by Election Day – this is the case in NY, NJ and PA. The rules vary by state and so you can visit the following link to check for your state.

Many states including NJ allow for voting by mail or early voting in any election. Visit the Voter Country FAQ for the link to the website with the information for all 50 states.

Finally, the Voter Country web tools were also built to partner with the many liberty and religious groups who can harness their members as activists. Visit the Become an Affiliate tab on the Voter Country website to see how these web tools can be placed on your organization’s website and how each organization can track its success in Citizen Pledges and Voter Registration Applications.

Start fulfilling your Citizen’s Pledge right away with your friends and family and let’s make every day count towards a massive victory for freedom on Election Day.