Voter Country FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does the Voter Country online voter registration web tool work and print?

Follow the instructions to input the requested information into the web tool.  In addition to various affiliate links, you can find the tool at When you have completed all fields of information, click the button to Preview & Print the form, using Adobe Reader, which will generate a copy of your registration form and instructions. Then use the print feature of your web browser to print the registration form and the attached instructions and mailer page.

(If you don’t have Adobe Reader or are having problems printing, you can download it here.)

Voter Country will also send you an email with your voter registration form and instructions attached, which you can use to print and mail. You may also save the form using your browser’s save feature.

Once you have printed the form, using a pen, you must input your ID number by hand in section 6 of the Voter Registration Application, sign, stamp, and mail your completed application to the address on the form.  Without these additional steps, your registration will NOT be completed.

 2.    Why do I have to fill in my social security number or other identification number by hand on my voter registration form?

No sensitive ID numbers are input into the Voter Country tool to avoid risk of compromise. Voter Country wants to ensure that you remain in control of your social security number, driver’s license number, and other sensitive ID numbers.  Because these sensitive ID numbers are required to register (requirements vary by state), you will have to input your ID by hand once the voter registration form prints out.  Detailed instructions about the required ID number(s) for your state are available in the state instructions that print out with your form.

3.     Do I need to show my ID to vote?

You should be prepared to show your ID when you vote as it may be required of first time voters registering by mail, and of all voters based on some state laws.  Bring a current and valid photo ID or click here to check your state’s ID requirements.

4.     Who do I ask follow-up questions about my voter registration?

For all questions about your registration, such as whether your form has been received, whether you are officially registered, where is your polling place, or how to get an absentee ballot, contact your Secretary of State using the phone number or web site provided here.

5.    How do I know if I am registered to vote?

Use the national web tool linked here to find out if you are registered.

6.  Can I register if I am under 18 years old?

On your Voter Registration Application, you are required to state that you will be 18 years old on or before Election Day.  However, many states allow you to register before turning 18. Check out the rules for your state by clicking here to see if you are old enough to register, which in some cases depends upon the date of the next election.

7.      Can I use the Voter Country voter registration web tool to update my voter registration if I’ve changed my name, address, or political party?

Yes.  Complete the voter registration process and fill in all updated information such as any new name, address or choice of political party.  Be sure to fill in your previous name and address when asked, and don’t check the first time voter box.

8.      What if I am having technical problems with the Voter Country voter registration web tool?

If you are having trouble with the voter registration web tool, you can either contact your Secretary of State through the phone number or web site here or download a blank voter registration form here and complete it by hand.

9.  What precautions should I take when using the web tools on a public or shared computer?

For security reasons, Voter Country strongly recommends that you clear your browser cache and delete cookies after completing your Voter Registration on a public or shared computer. Also, if more than one person is registering on the same computer, please click “start over” link between registrations to ensure that all of the data from the previous registration is cleared. For more information on clearing your browser cache and deleting cookies for your specific browser on your operating system, please refer to your browser’s help menu option.

10.      I am away at college and am not sure in which state to register?

You can only be registered at one address at any time. If you live in both places and have not declared an official residency, you can choose either your home or school address.  Consider where it will be easier for you to cast your vote on Election Day in making this decision.  If you register at home and will be away, make sure to request an absentee ballot or vote by mail ballot here.

11.         How can I cast my vote if I can’t make it to my polling location on Election Day?

You should request an absentee ballot or early voting well in advance of the election from your state here.

12.     What if I am a U.S. Citizen Overseas or a Uniformed Service Member?

Visit the Overseas Vote Foundation website here.

13.       How can I contact Voter Country?

Email us at

Mailing address:

Voter Country
318 Rt. 206 N.
P.O. Box 11
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