Press Release August 7, 2012

Outraged Citizens Launch Web-Based Voter Tools to Fight The Tyranny of Big Government


Voter Country seeks to partner with organizations in the Liberty Movement to empower their members to advance liberty by finding and registering new voters.


PLUCKEMIN, NJ, August 7, 2012 – A group of concerned citizens have teamed up to empower freedom-loving citizens across America to become electoral activists every day leading up to Election Day. Voter Country was created to harness the energy and manpower of the thousands of existing organizations that make up the Liberty Movement to increase citizen engagement in elections.

Voter Country is launching its new web tools that empower the citizens who make up the Liberty movement to become Get Out The Vote activists. The organizations of the Liberty Movement, fighting for limited government, health care freedom, religious freedom or other freedom from big-government intrusion, can become Voter Country partners and obtain these free web-based voter tools for their websites.

“If each member of the Liberty Movement finds just one freedom-loving voter, who was not registered or was not going to vote, then we can truly advance liberty on Election Day,” said Michael Minaides a founding member of Voter Country. “Personal contact from someone they know is the surest way to convert these incremental votes.”

Voter Country seeks to cultivate respect for Election Day as the most powerful tool in the hands of citizens to fight the tyranny of big-government and to advance liberty. This requires a cultural shift away from accepting that the same people always get elected so my vote rarely matters. Instead, the Voter Country paradigm is that forces of big-government and self-interest are no match for an engaged electorate motivated to use the elective franchise to preserve freedom.

Voter Country has created a Citizen’s Pledge web tool to motivate citizens and a Voter Registration web tool to enable citizens to help register new voters and re-register voters who have moved or changed names. Signers of the Citizen’s Pledge can print out a personalized Citizen’s Pledge Certificate as a daily reminder of their pledge to find voters and to help them register and actually vote on Election Day.

These web tools can easily be installed on the websites of Liberty Movement organizations so they can use their own website to focus their membership on individual get out the vote activities. Voter Country partners will receive reporting on their success with these web-based voter tools. Suggestions for using these tools are on the Affiliate tab of the Voter Country website.

Voter Country strives to focus citizens on the nuts and bolts of elections such as voter registration, absentee ballots and early voting, and actually assisting fellow citizens to cast their ballots. These kinds of important questions on voting and elections in each state are answered in the FAQ link at the bottom of the web tools.

“As it has been throughout American history, it comes down to We the People to secure the Blessings of Liberty and of American exceptionalism and to pass these cherished gifts to the next generation,” stated Minaides. “I will not stand idly by while big-government engorges itself by gobbling up our freedoms day by day.”

Voter Country is now seeking Liberty Movement organizations to sign up as Affiliates on the Voter Country website.

About Voter Country

Voter Country LLC provides free web-based voter tools to promote electoral activism and to advance liberty by engaging citizens to participate in elections, one new voter at a time. Voter Country is funded entirely by its founders and is not affiliated with any political organizations. It is a product of the current Liberty Movement where citizens recognize that we cannot entrust our liberty to politicians or bureaucrats in Washington D.C. By partnering with freedom-loving organizations, Voter Country seeks to reach new voters and to make voter registration a 12-month a year activity that is central to building the political power to fulfill our mission.